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Mauritania , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Mauritania » Tiris Zemmour: Mauritania: Australian Firm Digs For Diamonds In Mauritania

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2001

Nouakchott — The government has renewed exploration licences for 'Rex Diamond Mining Corporation Ltd of Australia, to exploit diamond in Mauritania's northern provinces of Adrar, Inchiri and Tiris Zemmour. Rex Diamond, which has been involved in diamond ...

News Mauritania » Tiris Zemmour: Study highlights areas of high-grade mineralisation at Mauritania uranium prospect

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Publication date: hursday 10 July 2014

“The Glencore investment is significant for Aura, as Askaf lies within the Tiris Zemmour region of Mauritania, where the Reguibat project is also located,” he states. Beeson adds that Glencore’s commitment is a strong validation of Mauritania being a ...

News Mauritania » Tiris Zemmour: Hello, is this planet Earth? Astronaut Tim Peake's unseen International Space Station photos

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Publication date: onday 14 November 2016

Chegga, Tiris Zemmour Region, Mauritania. The orange stripes are linear sand dunes in the Erg Iguidi desert that stretch from Algeria to northern Mauritania in the Sahara ESA/NASA Speaking about the book, Peake said that "It's impossible to look down on ...