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Mauritania , Thursday 26 April 2018

News Mauritania » Gorgol: As drought keeps men on the road, Mauritania's pastoralist women take charge

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Publication date: onday 16 April 2018

MAFOUNDOU, Mauritania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Every year when the pastoralist men in Fatima Demba’s Mauritanian village return from their months-long journey to find pastures and water, the women erupt in wild celebrations. “We draw henna ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Over 40 pct of Mauritania's rural population living in poverty: UN

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 May 2016

NOUAKCHOTT, May 12 (Xinhua) -- Over 40 percent of Mauritania's rural population is living in a situation of crippling ... said 44 percent of the population in southern regions like Gorgol, Brakna and Trarza were living in extreme poverty.

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Mauritania commissions new Chinese offshore patrol boats

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Publication date: uesday 31 May 2016

They were named Gorgol (P 632) and Timbedra (P 631 ... Defence minister Mamadou Bathia Diallo said the vessels would improve Mauritania’s border security, with the Navy being able to face any threat from the sea. AMI reported that the Mauritanian ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Sharing to survive

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Publication date: uesday 17 July 2012

The fragrance of cooking food wafts from a communal kitchen as the villagers of Djoke, in the Gorgol region of Mauritania, talk about how hunger and drought took them by surprise. Gorgol, Brakna and Assaba form the Triangle of Poverty, where at least 60 ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Mauritania Fertile Ground for Arab Donors

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Publication date: onday 17 February 2014

Gorgol/Brakna — Drought-prone, chronically hungry Mauritania, with the help of the UN, is reaching out to Arab donors, encouraging them to reach beyond their customary role in development and engage in humanitarian response. Traditional humanitarian ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Mauritania’s parched earth

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Publication date: Friday 08 June 2012

Finding water and food to feed their families are the two main concerns of the population in Mauritania’s southern Gorgol region. What used to be the breadbasket of the country has, since the 1970’s, been significantly affected by climate change ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Food worries widen in Mauritania

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Publication date: uesday 26 May 2015

Even in towns, such as Azgueiloum in Gorgol, in southern Mauritania, which is located along the Senegal River, water is scarce. “We have some beans and corn this year, but early drought this year has cost us dearly,” said Aminetou Mint Abeid ...

News Mauritania » Gorgol: Mauritania: Drought Sends Food Prices Soaring

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Publication date: onday 08 October 2012

Not so in Mauritania, where households are still struggling to cope with the effects of the drought, which has reduced farmers' crop yield and increased the price of food on local markets. Across the scrubland of the Gorgol region in southern Mauritania ...