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Mauritania , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Mauritania » Culture: The Maghreb In 2018: More Turmoil And No Democracy In Sight – Analysis

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 January 2018

Maghreb countries of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia ... is not resolved.ii Morocco and Algeria have officially recognized the Amazigh/Berber culture and language but it seems merely to pay lip service to the cultural cause of the Amazighs ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Senegal, where Christians and Muslims live together in peace

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Publication date: uesday 23 January 2018

Instead, the mayor chose the crucifix, which in Muslim culture is little understood ... time now - Father Flavio notes - since some neighboring countries, in particular Mauritania and Mali, are unstable and small groups try to trespass to carry out ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Couscous Controversy: Italian-American Chef Schooled on Twitter

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Publication date: Sunday 21 January 2018

Mauritania, Libya, and Algeria. Each country has its own way to prepare this rich meal, typically prepared with a mix of vegetables, lamb, or chicken and chickpeas. The dish, deep-rooted in the Moroccan culture, also holds cultural significance and ...

News Mauritania » Culture: UK to join forces with France to fight Islamist militants in north Africa

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

France is helping governments in Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso to fight ... only France and UK still seem to have the culture and capability for both expeditionary operations and to use lethal force." Malian security forces at the Kangaba ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Burkina Faso and a Strategy to Counter Terrorism in West Africa

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

Finally, a focus on technology for civil society, including schools, linking up with specialized programs in other countries, and improving not only buildings, administration, and infrastructure, but also political culture, for example through civil and ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Nigerian car culture is part identity, longing, and status

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Publication date: Sunday 05 November 2017

A scene from the film 2002 Heremakono depicting car culture in Mauritania. (University of Minnesota Press ... published by The University of Minnesota Press. Sign up for the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief — the most important and interesting news from ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Keita: Family Planning is the Best Way to Fight Maternal Mortality

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 January 2018

Religious scholars have confirmed that everywhere; I was Rep in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania you had Fatwa and it says this is not good, stop it! It was fabulous. So today it is really our traditional culture; religion has nothing to do with it.

News Mauritania » Culture: Arab League 2016 summit puts spotlight on isolated Mauritania

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Publication date: Sunday 24 July 2016

“This infrastructure should be considered a source of pride for all Mauritanians because it is the largest project undertaken by Mauritania since 1960,” Mohamed Lemine Ould Cheikh, Minister of Culture and spokesman of the government said. Even ...

News Mauritania » Culture: Slave master becomes an abolitionist

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Publication date: Saturday 17 March 2012

As a member of Mauritania's slave-owning class ... "or if they were rather coming out of my very own culture." Abdel took this idea to his father who, surprisingly, agreed with him. He had tried to free the family's slaves before, he told his son, but ...