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Mauritania , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Mauritania » Brakna: The First European to Reach Timbuktu … And Live to Talk About It

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

His plan was to travel not as a Christian but as an Arab Muslim. The first phase of Caillié’s plan was spent with the Moors in Brakna, Mauritania. There he claimed to be a convert named Abdallahi (God’s slave). After eight months of studying the ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: Mauritania fertile ground for Arab donors

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Publication date: onday 17 February 2014

Drought-prone, chronically hungry Mauritania, with the help of the UN ... In early February, a group of Arab donors visited the food-insecure regions of Brakna and Gorgol, a trip organized by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: Mauritania: Villagers Stare Hunger in the Face After Locust Invasion

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Publication date: Wednesday 09 February 2005

The WFP's relief efforts will concentrate on three provinces in southwestern Mauritania; Trarza, Brakna and Gorgol. Here two years of crippling drought, followed by last year's locust plague have destroyed traditional coping mechanisms. Tens of thousands ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: Meet the woman freeing Mauritania's slaves

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Publication date: uesday 08 December 2015

She enjoyed what she calls "a very happy childhood" in the village of Boghe, which is in the Brakna region of southern Mauritania along the Senegal River, and says of her paternal grandparents, who housed and educated her: "They made me what I am today."

News Mauritania » Brakna: Rift Valley fever in Mauritania

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Publication date: Wednesday 31 October 2012

1 November 2012 - The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Mauritania declared an outbreak of Rift Valley ... The last case was notified on the 27 October 2012 from Magta Lahjar in the Brakna region. The 6 regions include Assaba, Brakna, Hodh Chargui, Hodh Gharbi ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: QC drills wells to provide drinking water in Mauritania

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Publication date: Friday 03 February 2017

Water from this artesian well benefits 6,000 villagers in Hodh El Gharbi region of Mauritania. RIGHT ... in addition to the villages of Dobounka and Abonde in Brakna region,” the statement noted. Previous projects carried out by QC included building ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: Mauritania: Famine Fears On Rise Over Drought

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Publication date: uesday 18 October 2011

The Mauritanian Consumer Protection Association raised alarm bells earlier this month when it warned that Mauritania was at risk for famine ... Assaba, Trarza, Brakna, and Guidimaka,” Ould Ammar said. “In addition, poor rainfall didn’t allow people ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: Qaeda offshoot threatens life of Mauritania president

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Publication date: Sunday 06 February 2011

An Al-Qaeda offshoot in northwestern Africa threatened Monday to kill Mauritania's president for fighting a "proxy ... A second suspect was captured alive in the incident in the remote Brakna region, near the border with Senegal, they said.

News Mauritania » Brakna: Four detained over French tourist murders

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Publication date: uesday 25 December 2007

"These were armed bandits," the local prefect of the Brakna region told Radio France International ... whose competitors will drive through Morocco and Mauritania. The use of automatic weapons in the shooting initially raised speculation that Al Qaeda ...

News Mauritania » Brakna: QC helps disabled female breadwinners

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 October 2015

QC has also implemented income-generating projects in cities and villages in Brakna, Mauritania. The projects includes eight conventional bakeries which are benefiting some 7,000 people.